A Domestic Hell

  Keys rattled outside the door. Maria flinched. He came in. She heard him chuck the keys into the dish on the shelf by the door. A pause, then the sound of the door banging shut. Not locking it tonight? No. Not tonight. The sound of uneven footsteps […]

You’re Nicked You Slag!

I’m appearing in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe at The Arches, St Mary’s Church, Putney on 10th and 11th May. ‘John really is a copper. Not like one you have ever been arrested by. Deranged strange and uproarious. He is a total original.’ – Arthur Smith. Get tickets here: […]

The Joy of Random 

Image: Adobe Stock The imaginative brain needs as much exercise as a dog. Said someone. Once. Sometimes it’s a case of letting it just run free and hope it doesn’t get run over. By a bus. I’m going to be writing some flash fiction using this website: Random Plot […]