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John Brackenridge

Writer, comedian and Druid.

A Domestic Hell

  Keys rattled outside the door. Maria flinched. He came in. She heard him chuck the keys into the dish on the shelf by the door. A pause, then the sound of the door banging shut. Not locking it tonight? No. Not tonight. The sound of uneven footsteps […]

You’re Nicked You Slag!

I’m appearing in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe at The Arches, St Mary’s Church, Putney on 10th and 11th May. ‘John really is a copper. Not like one you have ever been arrested by. Deranged strange and uproarious. He is a total original.’ – Arthur Smith. Get tickets here: […]

The Ghost in Venice

Is this a true story? Yes, of course it is. It’s the meaning behind every story that matters. We all die. Everyone that you have ever known will die. It’s easier with some than others. We may shed a tea for an elderly aunt, but inside we know […]

The Joy of Random 

Image: Adobe Stock The imaginative brain needs as much exercise as a dog. Said someone. Once. Sometimes it’s a case of letting it just run free and hope it doesn’t get run over. By a bus. I’m going to be writing some flash fiction using this website: Random Plot […]