Forget Everything For a Better Life

Picture: NASA

Take a step outside. Without shoes. Stand somewhere natural. Keep away from the roads and shopping centres. Seek grass, trees, the earth. Under your feet is the earth. What do you think about that?

Is it your country? Your state? Your area? Yes? Why?

Because someone told you that it was when you were born. By a fluke of nature following the sexual congress of two people, the previous generation. They got there the same way too. And the ones before them. All the way back to earliest man spreading across the planet from Africa.

Do you proudly sing the national anthem, wave the flag with a tear in your eye? Why? Because you were told to. That’s okay. It’s only a bit of fun really. Who doesn’t enjoy cheering on your local sports team, or the national side during international competition? It really is ok. Sometimes there’s trouble, a few punches exchanged. You’re standing up for your country after all.

Your country is the best. That’s why you stand proud. Your country is better than all the others. Sometimes there has been wars, but guess what? Your country has always been on the side of right. That’s what you believe isn’t it?

Sometimes, do you worry a bit, when you accidentally watch or read something that doesn’t fit with your worldview? Humans don’t like being in the wrong. Nobody likes the feeling guilt brings. Gotta do something about that.

What’s that? They’re the ones in the wrong? THEM? They come from someplace else, don’t have the right moral values? Easy to believe, and easier to support ‘our boys’ dropping bombs on them.

Why? Because someone told you that was the way.

What if it’s not nationalism that floats your boat. Deeply held religious beliefs might do it for you. Why do you believe what you believe? Is your god the one true god? Of course he is. Billions of other people are wrong. You know best.

Don’t you? King and country. Over the top boys. For the God and KING!

Imagine if something was different. We don’t own the earth. We don’t own any of it. It was there long before we emerged from the waters, and it will be there long after we destroy our environment or unleash nuclear war.

To kill and maim because we think we have some right to do so because of the lump of rock our parents chose to give birth to us on, or because of the shade of religion we were taught to make sure we damn sure did what we are told in this world is just mad. Madness.

How about this — Nobody knows where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Nobody. You might think you know otherwise. That’s down to you. Maybe it’s just the innate fear of death we all have. We all know we’re going to die. Think about why you believe what you believe. Why don’t you believe something else? You know you’re right. That’s what it comes down to.

That’s a matter for you. Just please stop killing each other.


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