Comedy Trumps Hate

Life, as we know, is a journey. The world is a place of beauty, our souls driven by love and compassion, our dreams only curtailed by our imaginations.

Sadly, the narrative is, as it always has been, that to feel some measure of success or power in life, you need a group to feel power over. The elites use their power to ensure this continues. So the status quo remains.

How to break the chain? The forces of hatred march claiming national flags and religion to their cause. They are met with counter protestors, masked and aggressive, a thin line of police keeping each side apart. Property is smashed, cars set alight, and innocent passers-by beaten senseless. Yet the world continues to turn.

Does counter protest work? Does it change hearts and minds? Or does it re-enforce the prejudice of the haters.

Do closely argued opinion pieces in broadsheet newspapers chip away at the cause of hate or simply fade into insignificance against the wave of populist memes and false news reports which seek to inflame the passion of the bigoted and violent?

How about a new approach. I suggest this:

Use the power of performance to make the alt-right ridiculous.

How threatening would a Britain First march appear if escorted by a team of clowns doing prat falls? How menacing the KKK if surrounded by a contemporary dance troop? Would the illiterate low brows become lessened if drowned out by a choir singing YMCA?

I think I’m onto something. Watch this space!



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